Flower Hair Clips

Flower hair clips for girls are a lovely and popular accessory that adds a touch of Springtime to a girl's hairstyle and outfit.

Our hair clips with flowers feature silk flowers, satin cabbage roses, and crochet daisies. They come in vibrant colors, such as bright pink, yellow, and purple to match the colors of blooming flowers in spring. And they also come in ivory, white, soft mauve, and pastels for Spring and Summer weddings, garden parties, and family photo sessions.

Some flower hair clips may also have added embellishments like rhinestones or faux pearls for extra sparkle on special occasions.They can be matched to a girl's outfit or used as a statement accessory.

Our hair clips on mini snap clips are perfect for newborn infants with a just a little fine hair. Alligator clips are slightly larger and have non slip grip and are great for babies, toddlers, and big girls!

Flower hair clips can be worn in a variety of ways, such as clipping it to the side or back of the hair, attaching it to a headband or ponytail, or using it to secure a braid. These barrettes are particularly popular for special events like Easter, weddings, or special church services such as a baby baptism or christening. 

Overall, our Poppybows flower hair clips are a beautiful and fun way to add some floral flair to any hairdo and celebrate the beauty of the season.